Best charting software for options trading

It is the perfect solution for day traders. We continually invest in the latest trading technologies to deliver real-time quotes and executions faster. Lightspeed delivers a robust trading system to the day traders and professionals that demand highly established market data and performance.

Traders of all experience levels can easily design and customize layouts and rules to best fit their trading style. Keyboard traders and point and click traders are covered with fully customizable home screens and Lightspeed Trade Reporting.

With no monthly software fee and no monthly market data fees, it is one of the cheapest trading platforms available. Lightspeed Trading also offers some of the lowest option commissions available online. Users can trade stocks and options on the go from a single screen for a seamless trading experience. Non-Professional designation is determined upon first log in. All market data agreements are delivered for execution at that time.

Lightspeed Gateway is a fully automated trading system that offers super low latency to all domestic Equity Exchanges. Lightspeed Gateway is completely platform neutral and can be used on all major operating systems and programming languages.

Sterling Trader Pro is a full-featured Level II direct access trading platform designed for professionals who work with the rapidly moving electronic markets. Livevol X is the next-generation execution platform that combines the intelligence of Livevol Pro with advanced options trading capabilities and sophisticated risk analytics. LVX offers a full array of unique features for identifying trade opportunities and developing strategies. Of course, monitoring risk is paramount.

LVX keeps you on top of position and portfolio risk with industry leading graphical representations calculated in real time. Created by Townsend Analytics, RealTick is the platform used by professional traders.

RealTick is suited to active traders, registered investment advisors RIAs , and hedge funds. It delivers sophisticated trading tools, unrivaled access to liquidity, real-time data, charting, analytics and streaming news. Traders can make the most of their investment with some of the cheapest trading fees available. Silexx Financial Systems product, one of the most powerful trading platforms on the market.

Feature-richness, advanced analytics and speed ensure that you are always ahead of the game. Level 2 Options Quotes. Level 2 Futures Quotes.

Lightscan screens the entire universe of symbols to display symbols sorted and filtered based on your unique preferences. Sort by over possible Level 1 columns and filter to create infinite possibilities. Block Ticker lets you track big trades.

See what the big boys are trading. Ticker Alert lets you find stocks that are breaking new highs and lows. See where the momentum is. Map any standard or custom order type to a keyboard shortcut. Use your mouse to set up and send your orders. Use our List Order Entry window to simultaneously send orders for multiple symbols.

Remain Disciplined and prevent order entry errors using our front and back end risk controls. Route your orders directly to major market centers, ECNs, and dark pools …. Build your own orders with predefined parameters. React faster to trading opportunities by sending the order type which will increase your chances of a fill.

Once your orders are configured to your liking, they can be sent instantly with the press of a keyboard shortcut. These are just some of the solutions our systems offer day traders.

To see everything that our platform has to offer, we encourage you to request a free practice demo account. Our knowledgeable staff can give you a personalized tutorial, and help you configure your layout and order entry options to your specific trading style.

Your privacy is our priority. For more information, please read our privacy policy. Best Charting Software for Day Traders Advanced Options Trading Lightspeed now allows you to easily build and trade complex options strategies like debit and credit spreads, straddles, strangles and butterflies. Customizable Options Chains Set up your chains to display the exact info you need to see.

You can do much more with the COE: Route your orders directly to a selected options exchange Reverse your strategies with the click of a button to reflect your market sentiment See how much premium you will pay or receive for each complex order before you send it Save your favorite strategies for faster input in future orders Executions Window Use this window to see the margin requirements on open orders and trades in each underlier.

See all trades broken down by individual fill. Use the Strategy view to manually break and hedge eligible positions. Manually hedge your positions and strategies. Select any row to break an already existing hedge. Pin positions to mark them as hedged or broken Use Auto-hedge to automatically hedge all eligible positions for the best utilization of margin Options Level 2 Quotes Get an in-depth look at options liquidity at every price level.

Lightspeed Trader provides you with real-time quote feeds from all the major exchanges. Level 2 allows you to see buyers and sellers in the market and offers insight into potential points of resistance and support. Integrated time and sales, positions bar, Greeks bar and order ticket If your strategy involves scalping options, this feature is a must.

Options Time and Sales Keep track of where options are actually trading, not just where they are being quoted.