Best investment options canada

With stock markets so unpredictable these days, some investors only want to put their money in the safest of investments. But what options do people have other than equities? Here are a few investment options that are usually more secure than stocks. You "lend" the bank money by buying a GIC and, when the investment matures, you get your money back, plus interest. Banks usually use the dough to fund other investments. The interest you earn depends on the length of the GIC.

You can purchase bonds that mature in just 30 days or between one and five years. The longer the term, the higher the rate, but in a time of low interest rates, you're not looking at huge yields; Ally's five-year GIC, for example, pays 2. You can't sell GICs, so most people use them to park some cash for a short period of time. If you know you'll need to buy a new car next year, put your savings in a GIC.

High-yield savings accounts If you just want to park some cash in a bank account, consider a high-yield savings account. If you fall below the minimum you could get dinged with a not-so-insignificant fee.

Be careful to avoid accounts with transaction fees if you think you'll be making frequent withdrawals. Online banks, such as Ally and ING, often have better interest rates lately between one and two per cent and no minimum balances or fees.

Essentially, you're lending a business money and in return they're paying you interest. A company is more likely to go bankrupt than a country, so investors get a higher yield on corporate debt than on federal bonds -- often at least two per cent higher, with some corporate bonds offering even more income. Be careful with lower-rated bonds ratings go from AAA, which is the best, to D, the worst as there's more of a chance the company will default on its loans -- and you'll lose your investment.

Yes, you're playing the market, but there's one big difference between seg and mutual funds: Your principal is guaranteed. That means the market can fall to nothing and you'll still get back what you put in; and if it rises, you get your money plus the higher returns. There is a caveat: You have to hold the fund for between 10 and 15 years before getting that principal guarantee.

Fees are also higher. As you can see, there are myriad places for nervous investors to flee. If you're thinking about putting your money under a mattress though, think twice. As low as interest rates are today, you get absolutely nothing keeping your cash at home. As the saying goes, "Make your money work for you. Sign up Create an account.

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His works have been featured in group shows at Manifesta Luxemburg, Fridericianum and Moderna Museet Stockholm. During the 56 th Venice Biennale he was exhibited at Espace Louis Vuitton Venezia.