Best share trading app ipad

As a busy, on-the-go stock trader it is of utmost importance that you best share trading app ipad the right tools with you to ensure you have the information you need and the ability to make the trade when you need it. There are many apps that allow traders to easily make trades while out and about, gain insight, or even help improve their skills without risking their money or someone else's.

Here is our list of the best iPhone and iPad apps for stock trading. Bullboard is a best share trading app ipad market app designed by investors for investors. It provides users with a quick and convenient platform to invest, watch and monitor the market and their portfolios. The app is ad free, which always earns praise from us and users.

You can create multiple portfolios, multiple real-time alerts, offline access, free paper trading, advanced chart analysis, pre-filtered stock lists, a journal to log notes about your portfolios and a planning tool. Bullboard really delivers on what investors need to trade and track. The app has many features including Memos for every level that you have set, decide what actions to take following a notification and edit Active levels. If you want even more Call Levels and enhanced features then upgrade to the Plus Monthly.

MOMO is an app that tries to help users get in on the stocks that are trending or hot, so that users can capitalize on the market and improve their overall stock portfolio. Set alerts for breakout stocks, stay informed on stocks that are buzzing, view 52 week highs and lows, message and share stock news or tips with others, focus on sectors that you care about and much more.

The app is free to use for up to 5 minutes per day. After that, you will need a best share trading app ipad per month, quarter or year. Get personalized stock market updates on your portfolio with the EyeOnMyStocks app. This stock market app is free without any in-app purchases. Best share trading app ipad Apple sings praises of best share trading app ipad app then you know that the app is worthy of a download.

This app is loaded with options. Robinhood is a free app that allows you to buy and sell stocks for free. The market data you see is in real-time, you can place trades with just a few taps, and you can easily build a personal watch list.

Simple color schemes let you quickly discern when the markets are closed and open, and you can track your portfolio through the Notification Center widget. Check our review for more information. Just like the other version best share trading app ipad this app on our list, this Stocks Live app is fully loaded and definitely one to consider as your go-to stock market app. Stocks Live is a powerful stock market app and definitely worth the cost!

StockSwipe for iPhone and iPad lets you swipe through stock cards and discover trade ideas in mere seconds. It offers a simplistic user interface that has a three cards view that best share trading app ipad you discover stocks easier. Unlike other stock analysis apps, this one has very few tools and gives you simple flip charts to help you make investment decisions. Pick a card, tap on it, and you'll see a professional chart with annotation, indicators, and other features; a company profile with general metrics, company summary, sector, and industry, and analysts rating; and a Twitter stream of the stock.

Check out our in-depth review of this app including pros and cons. This best share trading app ipad the free version of the highly popular and incredibly powerful Stocks Live stock market app. In this version you get many of the fantastic tools and features. Additionally, you get to see if this app is for you, without having to spend any money.

But, we guarantee once you try this app out, you will definitely upgrade it. The portfolio highlights and tools are worth the download themselves. Check out this free version and then upgrade with the features you need or go for it all and get the fully best share trading app ipad version. The app is easy to use, refreshes regularly, is well-presented, and gives you quick access to data for personal trades.

One feature of this app that not many other stock trading apps offer is that you can best share trading app ipad news related to a particular stock and share via Twitter and Facebook. See our review for more information on this app. Stockal is an enjoyable stock market app as it not only provides users with the latest stock news from around the web, but it also has a chat feature that allows users to chat with other users, friends, experts and peers.

The chat feature will even pull up any stock that you mention during your discussion. Additionally, you can view analysis of the stocks in your portfolio and the factors that might be contributing to their movements. Easy to use, Convenience is high priority Ad free app, Created by investors for investors Advanced Chart Analysis, Pre-Filtered stock lists Create multiple best share trading app ipad and real-time alerts Journal, Planning tool, Free paper trading, Offline access.

Highly trusted app by investors and hedge fund managers Stay up to the minute on prices, Set Call Levels Create customized alerts, Set actions to take following alerts Easy to use, Highly reliable, Free to use In-app purchase for the Plus Monthly option Call Levels app review: Stay informed on the best share trading app ipad, hottest and possibly financially worthy stocks Set alerts for stocks that are getting a lot of buzz View 52 week highs and lows, Message and share with others Focus on the sectors that you are interested in Free for 5 minutes per day, but then need an in-app purchase for subscriptions.

Monitor your portfolio with this free stock market app Get push notifications, Relevant and updated news Analyst Upgrade or Downgrade, Earning report reminders Set custom stock price thresholds, Real-time price updates Set reminders throughout the day, No in-app purchases.

Robinhood - Free Stock Trading. Stock Market Picker Game Changer. Get the latest news and notes on stocks Get expert opinions and media coverage In-app chat function to talk with other investors and experts Analysis on stocks in your portfolio Useful investing signals and indicators.

Use these financial tools to stay informed—and ready to move—at all times. Track real-time performance of any stock or index. For more in-depth analysis, flip your phone sideways and sift through vast amounts of data on any company you choose. Smart investing means staying in the know. Read breaking news in this app, and create custom stock watch lists to track and analyze personal holdings.

Like other apps, this one lets you track, buy, and sell. Unlike other apps, you can use it to scan a barcode and look up the public company behind the product. Easy-to-use interface for executing trades quickly. Use voice best share trading app ipad to find specific stocks or company data. Move money into and out of your bank account inside the app. Test out new strategies before implementing them in the real world, and do it with real-time urgency.

Compete with friends to see who's the biggest wolf. Wall Street is intimidating, particularly for newbies. Hone your skills by building and tracking your virtual portfolio in this stock best share trading app ipad simulator.

Heat maps are better. StockTouch uses color-coded best share trading app ipad of the top stocks in the major sectors to help you understand the ups and downs of the market. It's Twitter for traders. Get minute-by-minute insights from fellow investors. A Sentiment Indicator shows members' bullish- or bearishness on any specific asset.

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