Copyop vs binary options robot

This website gives you profit without much effort, moreover, it has the connection with other binary options broker website which gives you the advantage to select the best trader for copying their skill. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

Is it a Scam or Legit? Copying Rules and Process: You can copy other professional trades only within Copyop website or the website that have some link with Copyop. Basically, there are no restrictions on copying other trades within the website itself. There is the certain limitation of copying that means you can copy other trades under certain limits and the limit of copying per trader is For instance, you want to copy Mr. Sharma trades anymore as it has reached the maximum level of people copying.

Copying does not always mean placing trades exactly the same like others trader. You can also copy traders by observing them without making any trades at that moment. For instance, you observe Mr. Sharma trading methods like what types assets or commodities do he place his trade. When does he usually trade? What is the expiry time he normally trades?

All those relevant information should be collected and then you will get the basic concept to place your trade. On the other hand, if you win any trade which you have copied, then you may not receive profit as much as the person from whom you copied. Through this way, you can earn the direct profit without any profit deduction.

The joining date of the trade and the total risk percentage. The number of people watching and copying them. Information about Hit percentage on their self-investment. Trader longest winning streak. A number of trades the trader place in a day. Information about the last three days trades record. Trader incremental hit percentage. Assets breakdown of the traders during their trades.

In addition to providing information regarding the most successful binary traders and the trades they undertake, they will allow you to copy their trades. The assumption behind the new style of trading is intended to provide you with access to people trading in binary options for years who have developed their own system and strategies which work.

You have the option to mimic their trades to make successful trades of your own. Although other brokers offer a social tracking ability, this is the first website which is dedicated to social trading. Because this site is owned by Anyoption it is possible to link to it from your Anyoption account.

This can provide you with access to a range of bonuses which may not be available to customers of Copyop. The other way of creating an account is to simply visit the Copyop site and sign up. The two sites are linked which allows the funds to be used on both websites. You must select a currency when you first create an account; this currency will stay the same for your account and all funds will be transferred back and forth in this currency.

A surprising feature of this account is that you do not need to deposit any funds before you can access the site. This provides you with the opportunity to assess which traders are being followed, their success rate and even assess what other features are included in the website. Of course, once you have created an account you will be requested to deposit funds and start trading.

The great thing about this site is that there is no restriction on who you can copy. Others can even copy your success! The only apparent restriction is that no one can have more than one hundred followers; these are obviously the most successful traders. It is possible to simply watch a trader and not copy their trades; this is useful when you are evaluating the system and the success rate of various traders.

Although you will be able to trade at exactly the same level as the trade you are copying the rate of return is usually marginally lower. This is effectively the cost for using the site. What is even better is that you are able to trade on commodities, stocks, currencies and even indices. The fact that the people you are watching and mimicking are real should be enough to inspire confidence in your trades; they are risking just as much, if not more than you.

Finally, once you have chosen your preferred trader you will have to decide whether to place automatic trades or to do them manually.

Potentially the most difficult part of choosing a trader is knowing whether you have got a good one or a lucky one. You can search for traders who have high success rates, or ones which have recently traded successfully. The site will tell you the nickname of any trader, when they joined the site, where they are based and give them a percentage according to their risk factor. You can also see how many people are watching them and how many are already copying their trading style.

Impressively, the site provides a range of other information, like the success rate of the trader, how long they have managed to make successful trades for, the average number of trades they complete within a set period; such as a day and a breakdown of the assets which they have traded in. Perhaps most importantly you can see their most recent trades to assess their style and current success rate.