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It is very similar to the leledc exhaustion barexcept that the NSND indicator incorporates volume into its analysis too. How does it work? The indicator predicts reversals based on volume spread analysis VSA. A Green or light green arrow indicates price is moving higher, or there is a pause in the down trend. A Red or pink arrow indicates price is moving lower, or there is a pause in the uptrend. I usually combine the NSND indicator with a moving average and trade signals only with the trend.

Need support to succeed in Forex? What is a good strategy for this indicator and on what time frame. I would use it together with price action and support and resistance strategies.

Else draw pink arrow. Once again this is the logic and code for the green arrows: Else draw light green forex volume indicator free download. Personally I like to use them on 1 hour time frames, as there is less noise and the signals are more reliable. However, I do use other strategies as well such as fibonacci retracements and expansions and I use VSA as a confirmation. How can i do this in the code please. This is not always the case when using the indicator….

This indicator is great. Could you please forex volume indicator free download send the arrow version to my email address: Also, there is no ex4 file in this zip file.

Will mql4 work normally with the latest build of MT4 platform? Please kindly send me the ex4 file as well. Please advise any reliable ea that you know. Wonderful indicator, great work done.

Thanks for your hard work. Could I get the indicator with the arrow version. This is a great indy…Have you ever looked at Vol spike on low spread candles? Is this something you could add to this awesome indy along with arrows and color options.

New Favicon and indicator added! What I can suggest forex volume indicator free download improve the indicator is use the arrow for confirmations and a circled dot sign to show the potentials movement. I think it would be better if the indicator highlighted the NS ND candles as soon as they close.

Would be a problem to prepere MultiTimeFrame version of that indicator. I tried to put the indicator on a renko chart Offline chart M2 using an EA on M1 put i do not see any arrow. Thanks for the great indie. Forex volume indicator free download it possible to get it to send the alerts out as emails my MT4 email setting work for test or does the code need modifying to do this. If it is then where do I set it? Hi Linton, Thanks for this wonderful indicator. I just would like to know what is the NSNDcount variable for.

Whenever I change the value, the arrows change. I can not follow the logic that involves this variable. I have added it back. Apologies as the download section in my website got screwed up and the file was lost for awhile. Did anybody manage to alter the code so it paints right forex volume indicator free download candle close? Please, as a matter of concern, guide me on these best e-books about price action discourse.

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