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If the service does not have any synonyms defined the following screen is displayed when accessing the synonyms section:. Clicking the add new button opens the quick input screen.

Multiple synonyms can be quickly entered from the this screen:. Clicking on a synonym opens the synonym inside the editor. Administrators also have the ability to publish, unpublish, clone and delete a synonym. Synonyms are not available in the live search until they are published.

This allows a synonym to be created and tested before release, or staged for later use. Home Customise Standard Options Synonyms Introduction A synonym by definition is any word that has the same or nearly the same meaning as another in the same language e. Funnelback supports user-defined synonyms that are configured in a similar manner to best bets. Uses for synonyms Synonyms in Funnelback can be used to: Users often don't know the exact technical words to use and this can prevent them from finding what they are looking for.

Funnelback does include a spelling suggestion system, but synonyms can enhance the user experience by fixing a misspelling without a user needing to click on an extra did you mean link.

Notes Use with care. This is the default behaviour. Unless you want the synonyms to apply to the current index only, just leave the box checked.

An easier method is to upload an entire file of synonyms at once. Two data formats are supported: CSV is limited to regular synonyms see below. To see how to format every synonym inside the file you can have a look at the different synonym types. A CSV file can only be used to import regular synonyms type is synonym.

The file must contain one set of comma-separated synonyms per line. Confirm the deletion by entering the name of the index. This operation cannot be undone. The window that opens is identical to the synonym creation window described above.