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Number oil and gas trading singapore Trips Flown Departures represents the number of takeoffs made at an airport. This is an important cost factor to electric power companies when oil prices are fluctuating in the global market. Natural Gas Oil and gas trading singapore, Proved Cubic Meters represents the total estimated quantities of natural gas, in cubic meters, which geological and engineering data demonstrate with reasonable certainty to be recoverable in future years from known reservoirs under existing economic and operating conditions. Checking accounts with minimal interest payments, such as NOW accounts, may be considered demand deposits and may be included in Non-Interest Bearing Deposits by some banks. It shows the period over period percentage change in total sales of stores in operation in both periods.

It is obtained using the total revenues earned from customer checks, divided by the total number of transactions during the period. Realized Gains Losses includes not only realized gains losses on investments, but also unrealized gains oil and gas trading singapore on trading securities. Average Revenue per Customer, Total represents the Company level revenue generated by a customer per month, as reported by the company. Comparable Store Sales, Retail Value represents the total sales generated by all stores in operation in both this and the prior periods.

Pro Forma Adjustment represents an adjustment used to convert historical earnings to pro forma net income when a company goes public. Federal Funds purchased are short-term borrowings from other depository financial institutions without any collateral, usually at the Federal Funds rate. Rate used in determining the present value of plan obligations for Post-Retirement plans.

Such assets in discontinued operations may be subject to disposition in the future or deployed for other operations. This reserve is usually required in long-term insurance policies, such as life or in annuity management plans. This amount may be different from the dividends declared in the same period. Minimum Pension Liability Loss represents losses realized from maintaining the minimum amount of additional liability necessary for pension liability on the balance sheet to equal the unfunded accumulated benefit obligation. It also includes service charges oil and gas trading singapore to electricity distribution activities.

This item serves as a contra account to Gross Premiums Written to obtain the Net Premiums Earned by an insurance company. Accounts Receivable — Trade, Net represents claims oil and gas trading singapore against customers for goods sold or services rendered as part of normal business operations. Passenger Haul, Average Length Kilometers captures the average distance traveled by a scheduled fare paying passenger of the airline in kilometers. Reserves for life and other policies are estimated on the basis of various actuarial factors.

Reported Net Business Profits oil and gas trading singapore the net business profits, after credit related costs for trust accounts and provision for general allowance for credit losses. Consumer Electronics represents the consumer electronics industry for Income Statement Operating Metrics information collected by Reuters. These values represent the amount of long term debt maturing within a specified year following the balance sheet period end date. Cash Payments is utilized when the Direct Method is employed for the operating section of the cash flow statement.

It shows the frequency an advertisement downloaded with a webpage, is clicked on. These shares are oil and gas trading singapore to calculate Basic EPS. Intangible fixed assets acquired are expensed over the useful life of each asset, and amortization of each intangible asset is included in Accumulated Intangible Amortization. It is obtained using the total billed value of outpatient services divided by the number of hospital visits. Patient Days represents the total number of days of patient care provided by the hospital for the periods indicated.