Options for trading in a car with negative equity

If, however, the value is less than the payoff, you have negative equity and are upside down in the loan. That is negative equity. First, you can pay the difference yourself, fully paying off the loan. Without the extra money to pay off the loan, however, you will need to roll the difference into the purchase of your next car. The important part of the transaction is the interest. This can lead to being upside down again, starting the cycle over. If at all possible, pay off the loan and do not let it roll over.

Just be sure that, if you intend to trade for a new car, have positive equity on the loan, or have the extra money to cover the difference between the trade-in price and the loan payoff amount. A former newspaper journalist, Cole spends his free time reading, writing, playing video games, watching movies, and learning about every subject under the sun. He lives with his wife and daughter in Idaho.

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Do not lie about the condition of your vehicle, your dealer will more than likely find out later. What is Negative Equity?