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Department of Management Studies, D. September 07, ; Accepted Date: September 24, ; Published Date: Int J Econ Manag Sci 5: This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

Due to Globalization pit trading commodity broker in chennai is an increasing need for agricultural marketing. The researcher attempts to study the marketing of Turmeric. This study consists of marketing of turmeric in Sangli district.

In Sangli procuring and trading facility and online marketing is available. Identifying potential customer and trading facility is a problem. Agricultural marketing systems and products are needed to be restructured and reoriented to meet the needs arising from the globalization process, new initiatives and measures will be required to be identified and attended to by globalization and agricultural marketing.

The role of market infrastructural facilities in creating competitiveness, market environment can hardly be over emphasized in the light of past performance of various legislation, rules and regulation that the goal of marketing efficiency pit trading commodity broker in chennai be achieved only providing adequate facility to the farmers which is possible through increasing public investments and paying more attention on development and proper management of market infrastructural facilities.

In order to weed out of malpractices in Turmeric marketing to private agencies the Government has interfered to regulate the marketing activities. After the discussions with various experts and scholars, the researcher found that the proper pit trading commodity broker in chennai management is neglected activity and time attraction must be given for effective growth sales.

The present research work has been undertaken with the prime objective of studying marketing of pit trading commodity broker in chennai produce in Sangli District. In order to collect the required information the researcher has used the survey method which is carried out by personally visiting the selected growers and traders to different sources and considered in this research for the collection of required data.

Turmeric producer and seller as a sample size of its study. In order to solicit the proper responses the researcher has focused on those respondents willing to pit trading commodity broker in chennai and cooperate in the present study [ 1 ]. The study of the study is limited in respect of topical coverage, geographical coverage and analytical coverage.

There is also geographical or regional limitation of study that the research is concentrated on the Sangli district regions. Hence geographical scope is limited. There is also analytical limitation of the study that by focusing only on the predetermined objectives. The researcher does not claim this study to the perfect or even pit trading commodity broker in chennai in itself because the marketing covers diverse aspects.

The subject is too vast to give justice in specified time period. The researcher is also aware that there are some functional limitation of study as it was unfamiliar area and the study of marketing of Turmeric. In spite of the above limitations, the study throws light on various marketing strategies to improve marketing of turmeric produce.

Agriculture occupies an important position is our economy despite industrialization. Agriculture forms the backbone of the Indian Economy and despite concerted industrialization in the last five decades. Agriculture occupies a place of pride being the largest industry in the country. Storage and planning for efficient pit trading commodity broker in chennai of Agricultural commodities for promotion of economic progress.

However, present time in our country a time lay between Agricultural production and Agricultural marketing has to be maintained due to various factors — historical, administrative, economic and technical.

Therefore the government is all the time engaged primarily in the bridging the gap between demand and supply. If the cultivators are derived full benefits of enhancing the agricultural production, there effort will have to be preceded by suitable charges in the field of marketing the agricultural products [ 2 ].

In a developing economy like India, marketing should be viewed not only as a series of specialized activities related to production, pricing, and selling of products but a continuing thought process a process which seeks to build the present situation in the desired form of future. Agricultural sector needs well-functioning marketing to drive growth, employment and economic prosperity in rural areas of the country.

Turmeric is used in many products. It is also used in making various spices. India is known for spices manufactured throughout world. Turmeric is a production of turmeric in the country. Turmeric is a commodity has commercial, economic, religious, cultural, and medicinal importance. In view of the above discussion and taking in to account of the various aspects directly affecting the Turmeric marketing in Sangli, all the pertinent problems pit trading commodity broker in chennai having followed all the steps in marketing strategies the researcher has recommended the valuable suggestion which would be more useful to traders and growers of the turmeric produce [ 3 ].

India, the home of spices, enjoys the reputation of growing finest quality turmeric in the world. India exports 20 items of spices and turmeric is one of them.

India pit trading commodity broker in chennai first in the world in production and export of this commodity. The world over, turmeric is used in food, in dye, in medicinal and so on.

Turmeric is the significant agricultural commodity and needs strategic marketing. The beautiful yellow color of turmeric is due to its cur cumin content and flavor due the presence of an essential oil. Turmeric is believed to be native of tropics and is considered to be of South East Asian origin. Turmeric curcuma longa is the most important of the spice crops grown in India it is spice of obtained from the underground rhizomes of the plant.

Cued or proceed turmeric is graded and sorted into fingers and splits, the best quality being fingers [ 4 ]. The beautiful yellow color of turmeric is due to the presence of a crystalline matter called cur cumin. India, the home of spices, enjoys the reputation of growing finest quality of turmeric in the world.

India exports twenty items of spices and turmeric is one of them. India ranks first in the world in production and export of commodity. The world over, turmeric is being used in food, confectionery and medicines. Turmeric pit trading commodity broker in chennai an important industry like other industries it also requires capital, labor, land and so on.

Due to the peculiarities of agriculture especially its uncertainty and low returns, high rate of rent and limited scope for employment, cultivators cannot manage needed finance without resource to borrowing. One of the pit trading commodity broker in chennai important lessons of universal agrarian history is that the agriculturist must borrow, due to the fact that his capital is locked up land and stock. Unfortunately, the agriculturists candle burns from both side ends having put in pit trading commodity broker in chennai much efforts and toil, it is still not mandatory for him to get back his due share.

The intermediaries plays an important role in this they eat lion share of the profit [ 5 ]. The wild fluctuation in prices, low returns, high cost of production, and marketing. Turmeric is a commodity having commercial economical, religious, cultural and medicinal importance while the conventional importance is dictated by social sanctification, the commercial importance is derived the fact that it contributes substantially to GNP.

This study is an outcome of primary survey conducted in the Sangli district, which covers marketing of turmeric. After planting, the Turmeric crop gets ready for harvesting in about 8 to 9 months. The main harvesting season starts from February and continues till April.

In Maharashtra Sangliharvesting starts from February and continues till April, and the main marketing season is March- June. In harvesting the Turmeric crop, care should be taken that the rhizomes are not pit trading commodity broker in chennai or bruised and pit trading commodity broker in chennai the whole is lifted out with the dry plant, including the base of the stems by digging out rhizomes using pick axe or crow-bar [ 6 ].

The leafy tope are then cut off, the roots removed, all the adhering earth is shaken or rubbed off and the rhizomes are then well washed with water. In Maharashtra, the cost of harvesting estimated to be about Rs. After harvesting, the rhizomes are well washed with water.

The separation of bulbs and fingers is done to facilitate uniform cooking of the rhizomes and quicker the process of boiling. Formerly, the fresh rhizomes were heaped in the pans or filled in to the pots, and water was added, a thick layer of dried sugar cane leaves or turmeric leaves was packed into the remaining space and, in the Pan method the leaves were covered with cow dung, in the pot method, the lids were fastened with the same material or, in some places, it was added directly to the water.

The rhizomes were then boiled over a slow fire until they soften i. The boiling takes 3 to 4 hours. The rhizomes were then cooled and spread out to dry in the sun. In general, the assembling of turmeric-takes place in two ways. First, the grosser they take the produce to the nearby market for sale.

In the second method, the different assembling agencies such as village merchants, itinerant merchants, agents of wholesale merchants, exporters etc. Sales in assembling markets: Turmeric is mostly polished at this stage. Double polishing and coloring is normally done later by the business community. The Agricultural Market Committees AMCs pit trading commodity broker in chennai appointed the graders to facilitate the growers to grade their commodity preliminarily.

Once auction is over, the weighment is done by the weigh men of the Agricultural Market Committee. The payment to the farmers will be arranged on the same day. Wholesale merchants and commission agents: They are the most important agents who provide an important link between sellers and buyers in the assembling markets and take an active part in the marketing of turmeric. They are found to operate in all the assembling markets. Major role is played by the wholesalers and Commission Agents in the main markets.

The wholesalers are having direct contracts with the Exporters and Wholesalers of different States. They perform a number of functions. After the produce is brought to their premises, the commission agents contact the intending purchasers, show them the samples and negotiate the price on behalf of the sellers and settle the deal.

Pit trading commodity broker in chennai supervise weighment and delivery and make payment to the sellers after deducting all the marketing expenses including their commission. They assume the responsibility for the payment to the sellers soon after they dispose of the produce even though they may collect the sale value from the buyers at a later date.

They also provide storage facilities to the sellers, who may wish to wait for better price in the market. They advance loads to the sellers on the security of the produce deposited with them for sales. In some centers like Erode in Tamil Nadu, Naziabad in Andhra Pradesh and Sangli in Maharashtra, the commission agents give loads on interest to the growers to meet their cultivation expenses and other financial requirements.

In such cases, it is customary for the producers pit trading commodity broker in chennai sell their turmeric only to that commission agent from whom they have borrowed.

The turmeric is brought by pit trading commodity broker in chennai farmers to the god owns of commission agents in Erode for storage. The god own capacity is about to bags.

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