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We offer a range of exciting career opportunities, providing a rewarding work environment in which individuals can realize their full potential and help to shape the future of the energy sector. Sometimes the identity of ADNOC or one of its subsidiaries is used fraudulently in business proposals, fake recruitment campaigns and false job offers. We work together with one common vision: Through partnership, innovation and a relentless focus on high performance and efficiency, we maximize the value of energy resources.

We share a proud history, and together have contributed to the UAE's economic and social development for generations. We work together, as one integrated team, to achieve our Strategy: We produce around 3 million barrels of oil per day, and over 9. We are a trusted and reliable global energy provider. Our oil, gas, refined and petrochemical products are sold on six continents.

We take a proactive approach towards environmental protection, constantly assessing and actively managing all environmental risks and impacts. In January of , UAE produced 3. Oil production for February of was 2. January and February average was 2.

Some of UAE crude oil streams includes Murban, a lightweight and sweet low sulfur crude oil, and Das, a blend of two existing streams, Umm Shaif and lower Zakum crude oil streams. The oil rich nation plans to increase crude oil production to 3. According to the U. As the seventh largest petroleum producer in the world, the United Arab Emirates UAE economy has long been coupled with the ebbs and flows of the hydrocarbon industry.

The plummeting global oil prices has thus affected the oil-rich nation, forcing the country to curb spending, oil companies to downsize, and prioritize and scale back projects. With the oil and gas industry in dire straits, UAE has taken steps to diversify its economy to cushion and remain resilient in face of sustained lower oil prices.

Production With the proved oil reserves ranked seventh globally, the UAE is a major oil producer and exporter. In January of , UAE produced 3. Oil production for February of was 2.