Start trading with 1000 rs

Are you interested in trading or willing to take up trading as a profession? Then this article can be a real inspiration for many aspiring traders of the country.

Getting into the stock market and start trading is easy but the main challenge is to make money from stocks. This start trading with 1000 rs investor is often referred to as Warren Buffet of India.

This is the story of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala was born in a middle-class family on 5 th July His father was an officer in the Income Tax Department and took immense interest in stocks. One day Rakesh asked his father why the prices of the stocks fluctuate. Young Start trading with 1000 rs found it very interesting and got fascinated by stocks. This was the first lesson on the stock market which Rakesh Jhunjhunwala received. He decided to take up trading as a profession and told his father about his wish.

Rakesh then took up Chartered Accountancy and completed his CA in After completing CA, Rakesh started his career as a trading professional in The BSE Sensex was at then. Rakesh saw first big success in the following year after he bought 5, shares of Tata Tea at a price of Rs. After 3 months of the purchase, he start trading with 1000 rs all those shares when the price touched Rs. Afterthe stock market went into a start trading with 1000 rs depression which lasted till During that period Rakesh Jhunjhunwala earned around Rs.

The stock was available abysmally cheap around Rs. There was a projection of a very good growth in profitability in the next year, but nobody seemed to believe it. Rakesh saw these facts and wanted to invest, but he was short of enough capital. To make up for the short capital, he purchased stocks of Tata Power. He sold off all the stocks of Tata Power when it was trading between Rs.

He was able to make around Rs. Rakesh then purchased 4 lakhs shares of Sesa Goa worth Rs. Rakesh sold about The prices then went further up and he sold the remaining shares. So I had to earn start trading with 1000 rs capital to invest. And I got the capital by doing future trading. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is a strong believer in long-term investments. A closer analysis of his portfolio at different times reveals that he has received higher returns from the stocks he held for a considerable longer period of time.

Found this story inspiring? Then do share the inspiration by sharing this post. This man turned his 5, INR into 6, Crore The caption says he started with IRs. Further, in his interview he had stated no gift from Father or Father-in-law.

How did he get IRs. Trading 5, shares of Tata Tea was not his first trading experience. Rather, it was the first major success of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala. Please read start trading with 1000 rs article once again to clear your confusion. Radhakisan Damani - The man with near perfect investing decisions who also mentored Rakesh Jhunjhunwala conflatingVisions. Investment strategies of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala conflatingVisions.

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How to take daily profit in trading? Welcome to Financial House The below strategy and technique will provide Rs profit on daily start trading with 1000 rs. New comers to share market should understand the markets and learn paper trading practice before moving to actual trading because day trading is very risky for new comers. How much profit the trader can make in a month?

Basically it has been observed that many times traders lose money due lack of knowledge. If you are expecting Rs. So do you think it is convincing you? Your intention is to earn money in a day, so just concentrate on small profits and do multiple trades instead of waiting to get huge profit in just single trade. Markets are always right so to avoid the further risk it is always recommended that day traders should keep booking profit wherever applicable.

The current intraday brokerage offered by us Rs 20 for buying and Rs 20 for selling. For opening the account you can visit at Demat account opening page. Example - How to trade and earn profit on daily basis Suppose if trader bought Buy Tata motors at Rs. So if you have Rs. Margin amount is amount given by your broker for day trading. This amount varies from broker to broker but it is generally 4 to 5 times and it is also based on stock you choose for trading. Now you sold Tata motors at Rs.

Here you can see trader took profit of Rs 1. Your gross profit is Rs Your total turnover is calculated by adding the buying amount and selling amount. So you net profit comes to Rs Rs Suppose if you do 2 trades in a day then your net profit will be Rs Conclusion - Taking only Rs 1. How to increase profits?

In start trading with 1000 rs example we have bought only shares and If you increase the number of shares then your profit will increase accordingly. Try to take small profits because there are lots of changes for small price fluctuations.

So if you trader shares and start trading with 1000 rs profit will be doubled per day and that comes to Rs In a month there are 22 trading days. We also believe that it is not possible to earn profit on daily basis and also some losses would happen due to market fluctuations. So believe in small and end up the day and your month with big profits. Important note - 1 Only profits are not possible in day trading, losses are also part of day trading. If your trade goes wrong then trader has to accept losses and come out of trade.

Margin amount varies from broker to start trading with 1000 rs but generally broker provides 4 to 5 times margin amount. Big Disadvantage of Margin amount - If you use the margin amount then you have to square off your trades before market closes whether you are in profit or loss. So if margin amount is start trading with 1000 rs used and if your trade goes start trading with 1000 rs then start trading with 1000 rs can take delivery of those stocks and sell later whenever price goes up.

New start trading with 1000 rs to day trading New comes to share market can start trading by small amount like Rs or 10, and get confidence of earning and once the trader makes consistent profits then he can plan to increase the amount. So believe in small and end up the month with big profits. Information start trading with 1000 rs on this site is a guide only. It may not necessarily be correct and is not intended to be taken as financial advice nor has it been prepared with regard to the individual investment needs and objectives or financial situation of any particular person.

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